Shadow of the Wryms

A short introduction (Venesh Oznorde's journal entry #1)

we will be using pages written by the character Venesh Oznorde as adventure logs. This will also mean that these logs will probably be only told from one characters viewpoint. Because they were not sized properly for this the first few may be blurry. To make up for this I will include, in text, what is written in the logs.

Entry number 1 venesh oznorde resized for ob portal

A Short Introduction

I have acquired this book in the hopes that all will not be forgotten. I am the Kobold Venerable Mind Venesh Oznorde. Venerable minds are a rare form of Kobold. We are born far smaller and weaker then our kin but inside our minds we possess the knowledge of the dragons locked away. I am not sure what this all means and the knowledge only appears when needed so I cannot understand my potential. What I do know is that because of this knowledge and intelligence possessed by me my clan was destroyed by Illithids. These same Illithids are now in pursuit of me. If they catch and steal my knowledge it is my hope that this book will allow whoever finds it to track down and recover my knowledge from those diabolical masterminds. Hopefully this latent Knowledge will not die with me and I will be able to use it to further my people and myself.

I have been on the run for about 2 weeks now. I am in a foreign land where I do not understand the customs or beliefs. I have fallen in with 4 companions who plan on crossing the great sea and entering the unknown continent beyond. This suits me perfectly.


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